Tuesday, April 1, 2008

'cause you got Personality!

Meet my Sweetie. He's a burst of sunlight... an Orange personality all the way. Bouncy wouncy trouncy pouncy fun fun fun fun fun like Tigger. Problem-solver, resourceful, loving, light-hearted, and playful.
Me... I am, or was a year ago when I took the test at work, a blue-gold. I'm all about relationships and responsibility. I am becoming more orange, though... I am taking life much less seriously since having kids with incredible senses of humour, dating a big goofy bunny wabbit, and working on a Palliative Care Unit. My deepest needs and motivations are changing and focusing after dealing with new health challenges in the form of MS.

What are you? I'd love to know what makes you tick!

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Alana said...

Interesting. I think I might try it when I get some time.