Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Dirt Diggin'

I am lucky to be able to participate in a Co-operative Garden and today was a Work Bee day. We plant late here... most put in their gardens today after digging and fixing and working things up. I still have to think about what's going in ours this year.

I am sooooo burned -- a lovely farmer's burn with the lower half of my arms and the back of my neck pink as can be. Silly me. I knew I was forgetting *something*.

But I am happy because I tolerated the sun really well, even if I was out for only a couple of hours. Last summer I did NOT do well with heat.

I suppose all the rest of you gardeners are all planted already? Any suggestions?



Bask in your "farmer's tan"...where I come from (aka, the FARM), that tan is a sign of a hard worker...or...er...a confused beauty queen!

mdmhvonpa said...

Yep ... already harvesting bok-choy, lettuce, broccoli and spinach. Peas are coming up nice too. Spring veggies like that are nice but peter out in a month or so when they bolt.

Any plans for beans? They do well all season.


Where I come from, a "farmer's tan" qualifies someone as a "redneck". Unless you're a member of the male spirit team at the University of Oklahoma, which are known as Rednecks and shoot loud rifles at football games, then the term "redneck" is not always an endearing one.

So here's hoping that you don't find yourself compelled to shoot off guns in the community garden. That just might scare the vegetables right back into the ground.

Nervus Rex said...

LOL Y'all!

Beans... mmmmmmmm, I *love* green or yellow steamed beans. Might have to do that.

I am so jealous that you are already harvesting, pa!

Off to shoot off ma guns!

Shauna said...

I haven't planted anything yet as the full moon was on the weekend and around here we really have to wait for the third week or so in May before even considering putting anything into our earth. I was in the garden doing some prep work though. Making room for potatoes and maybe tomatoes and zucchini.


Nervus Rex said...

I always have to plant one zucchini plant and enjoy them while they're small... and of course, everyone tries to gift us with their overgrown over-abundant zucchinis after that if I need more for baking...

Potatoes are a *must* at my house.

I'm getting the itch to plant and it's pouring rain!! ARGH!!