Thursday, May 29, 2008

These boots were made for walkin...

WOOT WOOT! I did the Supercities Walk to End MS!

MS ---> "One-a these days these boots are gonna walk all over YOU."

...if I can get my feet to move forward one at a time and without kicking each other over... and if I can get my hands uncramped... and when the dizziness lets up a bit... and once I warm up from a day in the drizzle...

My two oldest daughters (12 and 10) and my Mom and Dad walked with me. I was so proud of them all! None of them are crowd people, and this was a 2000 person show. We had a blast :) I think that we all look pretty darn happy up there ^^^

Check out my very pretty walking stick. Pincherry wood from the local market last year. I still can't handle the idea of a cane, but sometimes I just have to have something.

Wouldn't have made it without her!! She was my balance and my extra foot and an unending source of strength. I need a name for my stick. Any ideas???

We did a whole 5 kilometres (OK, Shauna, I need you to help me convert this for our Southern pals...) Would that be about 2 miles?? Mental block here.

These are my good buddies, Melanie and Patrick. They live in the same housing co-op as we do and they have done the walk for years now, raising tons of $$ each year. Love them. And they make most excellent wine. Of which, despite goofy grin above, I had not been partaking before said picture.

I walked because *I still can*, and even if I don't see changes in time to benefit me, it was a most excellent supportive day with friends and family and wonderful people. I walk, with Hope for MY KIDS.

But I's pooooped now.



Congratulations, you sweet thang, you!!!! Pictures look VERY content...way to go!!!

I'll concentrate on a name for the shtick...

(and 5K = 3.125 miles here in these parts!)

Linda D. in Seattle

mdmhvonpa said...

Just as a snide note ... 5k is a lifetime achievement for some of us ... show us how it's done, eh!?


Awh, you're a redhead. You look so cute and happy to be with friends and loved ones. Here on the East Coast, 5K is...well, 5K. Or farther than I can go right now. Can't wait to hear suggestions for names.

Bear Naked said...

Wow-way to go and congratulations.
You all look very content and I do love that walking stick.
Very elegant looking.
Thanks for visiting my blog and link away. I would be honoured.

Shauna said...

Linda beat me to the calculation...of course she did it at 2 in the morning when I was asleep and unaware you had posted.....
She's right by the way.

A name for your stick, eh? How 'about "Shtick", as in "Everyone who enters showbiz needs some sort of shtick to stand out from the crowd".


By the way...Way to Go!!!


David said...

Well done! You made my day when I read this!!!

Carolyn said...

Congratulations! I admire your strength and fortitude.

Funny, as I thought of the word fortitude, I worried that I was thinking of the wrong word, so I looked it up and the online Merriam-Webster dictionary said:

"Fortitude: strength of mind that enables a person to encounter danger or bear pain or adversity with courage."

So yep. That's the right word for you.

And maybe it's a good name for your walking stick? "Forti" for short? Or maybe "Tude". Which could double as "Attitude". Or could be confused with "Dude" if you mumble.

Anyway... just riffing on some ideas. I'm silly like that. Have a nice day. Oh. And I also like Shauna's idea for "shtick". That made me laugh.

Carolyn said...

ps - one more idea popped into my head when I read the title of this post again. You could call your stick "Nancy" (as in Sinatra...)

Diane J Standiford said...

Way to go! You walked for me! Thanks. And that cane is the Bomb!

CrazyCath said...

Well done. I take my hat off to you. Totally. Pictures are great. YOU look great!
I bet you are pooped too. I would be and I don't have MS!