Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Seven Dwarves of Menopause

Hehehehehehehehe. I think that I work with all these fellows -- only they are female and wear Scrubs :)

Actually, I am getting hot flashes quite often these days and I'm wondering if I have entered the Wonder Years, myself. I'm (Shhhhhh!) 37 now and my own mom started with peri-menopause at my age.

My temperature fluctuates all over the place. It's never "normal" for the environment I'm in. Is this MS or Menopause?? Whatever it is, I despise it.

Of course, my moods are pleasant as can be. No mood swings here. Just an angel at your service!
(Uh huh)

Wish me and my family luck. I have 2 daughters with new hormones, an 8yo on the way there, and me with whatever the heck is going on... periods are bad enough without throwing curve balls in there! We are headed for the rapids in the river of life!

It's raining today and I am bored. And lazy. And tired. And I have to head in to work again in a couple of hours. Somebody kick me!


mdmhvonpa said...

Heh ... so you think you are in the big M ... then you find out that you are actually 'with child'. Right? :D

Nervus Rex said...

Oh, HA HA!

Verrrrrry funny....

Sticking my tongue out at you!


Wasn't that a best-selling book? "Of Mice And Men...opause"? Just wondering...LOL

Linda D. in Seattle

Nervus Rex said...

LMAO Linda!!

Midlife Gals said...

So glad you passed through The Midlife Gals neighborhood. If you read further, you'll see that there is just no censoring SalGal, which always makes for fun evenings when we go out!!

Don't miss our videos up and down the right side of the pages. You'll chuckle, we promise.

And, how did you find us? We like to keep track of all the other weirdos in the world.

Come back soon! Your site is WONDERFUL!

KK of the Midlife Gals

Bear Naked said...

Love that picture of the seven dwarves of menopause.
Funny but oh so true.

Nervus Rex said...

Hi and Welcome, Midlife Gals and Bear Naked! I'm glad you popped by!


David said...

Thank you so much for your warm comments on my post/blog today. It does mean the world to me to get praise especially from a fellow Canadian. I just starting digging into your blog and am loving it! The image of the 7 dwarfs in scrubs is delightful. I am just 5 months out of a 3 month stay in the rehabilitation ward here. I know whence you come from! I met all 7 of them and then some. Thank God I'm deaf. I bet they wish they were some days.

Shauna said...

I've been all seven of those characters, not all at once, but in one

I started around 36 with the peri-men stuff.....still there.....


Carolyn said...

I don't kick. Consider yourself hugged instead.