Thursday, March 13, 2008

A wee bit sensitive, are we??

Claude Oscar Monet, 1840-1926

Irises (L), & Water Lilies (R)

Monet -- makes me feel so peaceful -- I guess that I just needed some visuals today. I may be a very visual person, I think. I need colors, I need to live through pictures. Maybe I'm just sensual (or is it sensuous?) Hehe. How things make me feel matters. The texture of clothes, scents, sounds... can drive me up the wall in distraction or ease me into contentment. Sensitive, yeah, a bit touched maybe ;-) .

So now, with Neurological issues, nearly anything can set me off. Literally "fry my brain", lol. Hyper-reflexive -- don't touch my foot or I'll kick you in the nose! Drop an ice cube down my shorts and I'll scream in pain from the burning. Slam the door and peel me off the ceiling. Drive past police car strobe lights and I'll have an instant migraine.

It's so odd to be so freakishly sensitive, and half the time not be able to feel parts of me at all. I started to get my upper lip waxed (shhhhhh) a few months ago, and every time, I wind up not able to feel my nose or lip for a week. And what happened to my "saddle region"?! Where did those little nuggets of "I neeed it" go? Or my feet -- why can I walk around with a popcorn kernel stuck to the bottom of my foot for gosh knows how long without feeling it there?!

I have heard that Monet painted the above pictures after he developed cataracts. He saw everything with a red over-tone for many years, as is typical for cataract sufferers. They are still beautiful paintings, even when I have double vision and blind spots :) Heck, if Monet could paint through grief and near blindness, I can still kick a can or two myself (even with numb feet)...

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