Thursday, March 27, 2008


It occurred to me today that I used to laugh at this when I was working on the Stroke Unit. I used to be the one doing neurovitals and reflex testing. Then one day, in an Neuro Assessment Education day, I was the "dummy" for the class. Boy, did I do well at playing the Dummy! :) LOL. I failed all the tests that I performed on my patients every day.

My Clinical Nurse Educator told me that I should see a Neurologist. He did an MRI and didn't find anything... hehe. Negative Spinal Tap (man, I wouldn't wish that test on anyone!) Based on clinical symptoms, relapses, reflexes and sensation loss, he gave me a "Probable MS" diagnosis after ruling out "everything else". We're in a holding pattern until something more definitive actually shows up on MRI.

In the meantime, I offer free Neuro Assessment for my friends :) OH! And I do Foot Care! Come on over!


CrazyCath said...

Oooh foot care sounds good!

Thanks for your award - it is proudly displayed and passed on. You seem to have started an epidemic (for which I am grateful *blush*)

Nervus Rex said...

You're very welcome, Cath. It was fun to look at your nominated sites -- you have some great ones on your list!

Diane J Standiford said...

Foot care? Riddle me this:(I've been to specialists--no help at all) my feet got swollen from not walking,my neuro tells me, "Nothing you can do." I fire her, meanwhile I work the feet, swelling went away, but while swelled my healthy/strong/fast growing toe nails grew UP not OUT. Specialist said a year+ ago it would just grow away. NOT. I've soaked it, filed it, it CAN'T grow OUT! Any ideas? Doesn't hurt or bother me...just not right!

Nervus Rex said...

Oh, Diane, I'm sorry that you are dealing with wonky toenails! I see these a lot and they *are* annoying.

It's likely that the nail-bed was damaged by the pressure from your feet swelling. They might just always grow stubbornly UP. Keeping them trimmed is your best bet.

Good luck :)

mdmhvonpa said...

What ... no free spinal taps!?

Diane J Standiford said...

Shawna, thanks, but how does one trim them? I file them down, but there are sooo many layers. Might it fall off? If it did, do they grow back?

Nervus Rex said...

Those buggers can be tricky to trim -- I use the heavy-duty nippers from the drugstore to clip them. You're right - it's a one layer at a time job. And they're hard to reach!! I know that your partner is disabled, but would she or anyone else be able to help you?

Wish I were there...

And yes, if they do fall off, they will grow back (and most likely just as stubborn in their ways as when they fell off!!)