Friday, March 21, 2008

My Japanese Name

I was playing around with Kanji last year after my brother started using it to watermark his photos. I wanted to know what "Shawna" would be. He worked on it phonetically and it came out as meaning "cabbage" and "old lady". Nope, not so much, lol. I want a different trademark.

So I asked for symbols for "little bird" since I often use that as my handle. This is the result. Suzume, which is a little sparrow. It is singing on the roof of the house with it's wings spread. This is me. There is freedom in this name.

Another symbol I love is "crisis", which is literally "danger" and "opportunity" combined. I'll have to look it up and post it. I try to remember that even relapses come with danger opportunities.



Diane J Standiford said...

Tag you're it, catz got me, now your turn---go make a wish little sparrow. (Graphic on my blog)

Shauna said...

Hmmmmm...cabbage and old lady, eh? I like 'em both, but not for a name. And I don't want to be cabbage but I do want to be an old lady.

The Other Shauna

Merelyme said...

oh i love it! very pretty indeed. i am so glad i found your blog.

Nervus Rex said...

I would rather be a couple of old biddies than a row of cabbages, too, Shauna!

I wonder what Diane and Merelyme would be??


Second time this week the word "cabbage" has jumped out at me...the first, in reference to St. Paddy's Day celebration. You know those IRISH! Gotta have their cabbage (and pay for it the next day...LOL)

And now, here...hmmm...

Linda D. in Seattle

Nervus Rex said...

It's a sign, Linda!

I don't know what for... maybe the answer's blowing on the wind??

Nervus Rex said...

OK, Diane when broken down phonetically means "gracious" "beautiful patterns" "peaceful"

and Linda means "head full of curdled milk"

hehe -- actually it means "genius" "gentle".

Merelyme... 妹 imouto. You were tricky... merely is translated as little. "Little me" is the term for younger sister. So you are "younger sister" (kind of like MiniMe!) I like the idea of merelyme as a younger sister :)