Sunday, March 16, 2008

Monkey Business

OK, who let the monkeys outta their cage to run wild in my nervous system?

We have some serious monkey business (complete with *crap* as seen in the picture) going on here today.

What a mess.

I KNEW that I was wayyyy past exhausted yesterday... went in to work anyway. I had Dropsies and had to keep wasting meds. Boosting patients was fun with spasming/weak muscles in my back, neck, arms, and hands. No sleep due to a new spasm in my neck that hasn't gone away. Bladder's completely out to lunch today. And a weird little twitch in my upper lip that is going to drive me to distraction!!!

Send me lots of T.P. to clean up the mess I'm going to make of myself by fulfilling my nursing duties tonight again. I have no more sick days at the moment... so I don't have the luxury of taking the evening off :-(

Now I know what it really means to have a monkey on my back!

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Diane J Standiford said...

Ah, and as usual, I'm reading backwards---you are a nurse. As you enter my blog world, and I'm going to get you on my blog right away, there are several nurses and they will be full of advice! LOL I'll read on b4 I ask more questions.