Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Diving right in...

... to Blogging ...
I've been standing here in my sexy purple tube and froggy flippers long enough.

WELCOME to my world.

My hero and greatest inspiration *because she can make me laugh* with wit and wisdumm... Linda over at Brain Cheese. Check her out -- even if you don't currently enjoy the pleasures of MS, she'll open your eyes to new insights (and great cartoons).

I also read Nursing Blogs, and the Best of the Best by all means is Kim at Emergiblog.
How she finds all of her beautiful, ridiculous Nurses of the past pictures as they do wonderful things to help the smiling, peaceful doctors... I'll never know.

OK, more story later. Time to actually go swimming with the kiddoes.

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Diane J Standiford said...

OK! ou already found BrainCheese---all the MS blogs you'll ever need. Linda is a nurse in Mental Health. Harkoo is a retired nurse, with no blog but full of good advice--I will make sure she gets your blog address. When were you DX? Did hey put you on any drugs yet? Do you work full time? R u in a union?