Monday, March 24, 2008

Invisible Blues

Here I go, waddling down the mall...

CrazyCath left me a nice comment about working/taking care of self.

I am still, thankfully, able to work nearly full-time as a nurse. I don't accumulate sick days as quickly as I use them, but I am still functional enough to not be a detriment to my employer. I love my job and it's frustrating to wake up some mornings and just not be able to coax my body to get up.

It really bothers me how unpredictable the symptoms are. Have others of you found this?? Sometimes a particularly bothersome spasm will last for a couple of painful weeks, or I'll have on-going (pun intended!) bladder or bowel issues... But often, it's a new thing here and a new thing there with no rhyme or reason. Today, I stepped out of bed onto hot coals (or so I thought). The bottom of my left heel is burning, and it is like a hot steel rod up the bones of my ankle, around the front of my leg, inside my thigh, and like a Brazilian gone bad where we don't wanna go... It's constant, and it hurts like h3<<. I'm grumpy, and my big strong boyfriend doesn't understand. He is very practical, and can't see anything, so how can he understand how new pains and problems are very real??

I'd like to hear your stories of invisible symptoms and/or significant others.



Invisible symptoms, hmmmm...

There's an elephant which likes to stand on the left side on my face, but neurontin keeps him at bay. There have been rocks which attach themselves to the bottom of my feet and there's an icepack against my left elbow and the front of my left thigh. And currently, the inside of my body feels as though I'm lying on a vibrating mattress, creating a little shaking/vibrating/dancing cellular party from tiptoes to nose.

So this is just a sampling of the various annoyances which MS brings to make life interesting. Hopefully your hotcoals feel will cool off soon.

Catz said...

My daughter has many unusual symptoms like that. They just come and go. Some stay for weeks others for days and still others for months. She is on Rebif and that in itself has huge side effects. I feel like she is handling it all pretty well now though. I am proud of her.

BRAINCHEESE said... primary diagnostic symptom WAS pain...and it has never left me since 2003. Oh, and there's no severed limb to blame it on either!

Linda D. in Seattle

Nervus Rex said...

Oooooh, Lisa, good descriptions -- and NO FUN!! Dancing cellular parties and elephants... thanks for the laugh at something so not funny :)

Catz -- between the symptoms and the meds, it sounds like your daughter gets the whole smorgasbord of good times.

Linda: I can't even IMAGINE living with pain for 4+ years straight. You have my respect, grrl!!

Casdok said...

Now where do i start?!!

Nervus Rex said...

I find it hard to believe how well most bodies actually function at the cellular level... until they start to fall apart at the same level. What makes the brain the amazing piece of work that it is? And how much havoc can nerves play with us??

Where do you get your worst symptoms?